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Whiteside Manor Patient Testimonials

Whiteside Manor offers several drug and alcohol treatment programs to help you or your loved ones in recovering from addiction. Our Southern California treatment programs are designed to get our clients back into leading a healthy and natural lifestyle without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Whiteside has a high treatment success rate (Dual Diagnosis) and provides extensive follow-up with clients who have graduated from their program.

- C. Blatt
U.S. Gov't (H.U.D.) Monitor's Report

Dear Ron & Whiteside Manor Staff,

I was at Whiteside Manor Wilshire house from December 20th to February 2nd. My clean date is 12-21-13 to present. I was writing this formal letter to express my gratitude and to share what skills and options this program offered me to utilize that had truly aided in my success.

I entered Whiteside much like other drug addicts in active addiction, broken, confused, homeless, unhappy, terrified and very angry. I also have a dissociative disorder that was extremely symptomatic at the time of my entrance. I had gotten turned away from more then one addiction rehab facility due to criteria for treatment as well as my poor behavior. Getting clean and staying that way felt absolutely imposable and I was starting to feel like no one could help me, and I most certainly didn't comprehend the steps I needed to take to help myself.

I came to Whiteside on a referral from someone in the professional field. I was sent specifically to be under the care of the case manager Gina.

I was disrespectful and had many outbursts that were discharge worthy. Gina by her own choice and confidence in her abilities, made the decision to continue to work with me when it was not easy and most certainly not always deserving. She never gave up on me, nor did she ever go back on her word. I come from a background of instability, foster care, jail, homelessness, and trauma. The kind of support love, tolerance and faith I received from Whiteside was something I did not quite understand at the time, but I can honestly say now, with no doubt in my mind, that it made the difference between me living or dying.

I developed healthy relationships and trust among the other clients and staff. Things I thought were imposable were suddenly possible.

I also want to thank you Ron, for paying for my first month of sober living. I am still happily living there with my service dog, Sammy. After leaving Whiteside and with my carefully designed exit plan, I was and am able to handle anything that comes up in my living situation in a manor that is appropriate and not nearly as destructive as I was before going through the program.

l have made the decision to continue therapy, I attend and have commitments at meetings throughout the week. I have a sponsor, and I am currently working through the Twelve Steps. I am also still in touch with Joy Kentfield. I talk to her on the phone and go in once every month or so for maintenance of my newly learned skills.

Since I've left Whiteside in the last six months I have also finished my vocational school and upon graduation, I have acquired my RRW (Registered Recovery Worker) credential and am currently interning at Sunrise Ranch Recovery. “We can only keep what we have by giving it away." And for the record ... I absolutely love my job! I plan to continue college at CBL (Cal Baptist) in 2015 for my BA in counseling psychology with a minor in neuropsychology.

Now as I'm on my way to being a certified addiction counselor. I strive to the best of my abilities to be just as qualified, compassionate, patient selfless and devoted as Gina.

Whiteside Staff has set an amazing example to follow, with values of which I choose to apply in all aspects of my life.

I mainly wanted to write this letter because the only way I can think of to remotely give back is to express just how helpful and life saving the program Whiteside Manor was for me. I am proud to say that I attended this program every time someone asks me how I got clean.

I plan on doing great things with my life. I have big dreams and great goals that I know now could be achieved. I have so much hope. The first step for me was getting clean. Whiteside is where my journey began. I don’t know where it will end, but I do know that what started out as nothing more then a good idea, I now get to make my reality and live it every day.

Today I get to live free from active addiction.
Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for giving me a place to go as I detoxed and entered recovery. Thank you for the showers, food and a bed. Thank you for teaching me ways of coping with life on life’s terms. Thank you for the way I was treated. Thank you for all the second chances. Thank you for the groups and assignments. Thank you for opportunity of a better quality life. Thank you for your time. Thank you for teaching me how to communicate. Thank you for helping me get my family back. Thank you for letting me come back every Tuesday for alumni. Thank you for answering the phone. Thank you for existing. I am so grateful.

Ariel T.

I want to talk about a minor miracle. I am a demanding person who went into the director’s office and said I want a cure for my child. The director of Whiteside makes us all an offer if we listen. We learn that when our child is ill with drug addiction, as with just about every other illness, psychiatric or medical, we are a massive resource to Whiteside. Our support is selfless loving actions can reduce the ill child’s massive fears. Now, Whiteside Manor’s program can work it’s magic within 80-days inside the system. Amazingly, a woman is back inside the family and working in the world. If one can support their women in the Whiteside system for 3-months, move them off into sober-living and pay for it for 3-months, our family members can be working. My child is 7-months employed and self-sufficient. Warm regards from a happy demanding parent that loves Whiteside.

- Leo M.

Testimonial, Southern California Treatment Program

After losing my 17 year old to suicide I had lost control to every aspect of my life. I began using amphetamines, marijuana and opiates.

I came into Whiteside manor feeling lost, angry depressed, lonely and hopeless. Whiteside Manor has helped me extremely by having groups such as relapse prevention, anger management, coping skills and co-dependency as well as exercise, nutrition and anxiety breathing and relaxation techniques. They provide us with outside entertainments such as movies, bowling, salon services and miniature golf. This teaches us how to have fun clean and sober. We also attend AA and NA meetings on a daily basis.

- Paula M.

July 22, 2013

I have been in residential treatment at the Wilshire Street location for 31 days. This has been a highly educational and therapeutic experience. I’m receiving both one to one and group instructions and counseling. Whiteside also provides access to counseling from my private health care provider.

My family is involved via phone calls, social time together, education sessions, and I can go home for approved visits. I’m attending lots of 12-step recovery meetings with my peers and staff. Overall, this program is providing me with the tools to maintain a sober recovery lifestyle, focusing on personal honesty, open mindedness, and willingness.

- Sydney D.

My name is Lisa, and on December 28th 2013, I will have seven years sober!

Before I went to the Whiteside Manor program, I had been to over nine programs for my addictions.
For years I used meth and alcohol and any other drug I could find. I lived on the streets and parks. I lived everywhere.

Whiteside helped me become a sober loving mom.

This program helped me, and gave me the tools to continue on my sober path. I dealt with my deep and emotional issues that help me let go of it I felt with my addiction. The program taught me how to apply meetings, AA or NA to my life.

Today I have my kids in my life, and today my family and friends can depend on me. I am no longer a slave to my addictions. I am free to be the mom I always wanted to be.

Whiteside Manor saved my life and I’m forever grateful.

- Lisa H.

July 18, 2013

Whiteside was the third treatment program I had been to, and was by far the best. They helped me to understand my physical addiction to alcohol, as well as the emotional reasons I felt the need to drink.

Whiteside also helped me to re-discover who I was, in a positive, healing environment. Recently I celebrated one year sober! My life is so much different; I have leaned to respect myself and others, and the world I live in. I have had the opportunity to work on relationships that were damaged by my old behavior. I feel that I have a new life, a new start, and hope for a better future.

- Jessica

Whiteside Manor has saved my life. I came here with alcohol and benzo addiction when I began to have work and health problems due to my alcoholism. I knew I was ready to get help. I love the structured environment of getting up early, cooking and doing chores as a team with the other girls, having the opportunity to go to the gym also makes me feel better. I enjoy the one-on-ones just as much as the group therapy. It’s hard leaving family and pets behind, but having Amos the dog around helps me feel at home. Whiteside also offers family group which has helped my family have more of an understanding of addiction. The outside meetings we go to are really good, Casa Blanca is my favorite they have speakers that come from all around. Even though we are in treatment we still get the opportunity to get out and do rec once a week. I never thought I could have so much fun bowling sober.

- Anonymous

Let’s see. I could write a book about my feelings about Whiteside.

When I first entered Whiteside I felt like a warm and safe blanket wrapped about me. The staff is incredible. It seemed like they are united together to make me feel like they wanted me in their home.

No matter how silly the questions were or how often you need them answered they would answer them with a smile on their face.

Thank you.

Initially, upon entering Whiteside Manor my goal was to get clean and sober. I never dreamt that this program would steer me to a life beyond my wildest dreams. With eternal gratitude!

- Betty Jo

I never thought the morning meditation walk would mean something to me. I still do it.

- Ryan

I thankfully fell into an early morning meeting that rocks, and I'm hitting ten meetings a week. I have to say that things are better than ever, and I thank you for helping me to that end.

I really do feel that Whiteside is a very special place. Further I feel that I have been given a second chance at a life I never dreamed of. I have been coming out to visit and talk to the guys when I attend the 7PM Wednesday Men's Stag I fell into there. I am indebted to you and Whiteside. I have a bit of a business mind, and I'm amazed at the way the gears mesh.

- Ciao, Kevin 12/09

We certainly have full days. Food's great!

- Scotty

Whiteside Manor offers the best overall program! I should know after six other programs. (I should write a book on recovery.)

- Lyle

Staff is always available. Debbi was real cool to me on the phone before I checked in.

- Keith

Just wanted to let you guys know you are awesome. I thank God for this program. I was part of Sammon House in '99 and Tina Doty was in charge of that house at the time. My counselor was Delores and I have never looked back. These are just a few of the awesome people who helped make a difference but I'm successful because I was willing to participate in my recovery. I was teachable, therefore I was reachable. God Bless you Ron, for opening up Whitside Manor and all of your other houses. Too bad you guys no longer take parolees. I was on at the time. First and last time in prison or jail. I give credit to God, myself, and to you guys and your wonderful program. May God continue to bless you all.

- Kandice 3/2010

I entered this program in September of 1999. I have been clean since. It took courage for me to say I needed help. I thank you for being a part of my sobriety and guiding me to becoming the person I am today. Then you would have known me as Stacey xxxxxxxx. I now have a husband of 9 years and 4 beautiful children. I am currently going to school to become an elementary school teacher. I just would like to say thank you.

- Stacey

It was a sad day when Lucky (the cat) died. She was 16 and bossed all of us around.

- Bobby

I lived an incredible sober life for 22 years. Lost my sobriety via pain pills and didn’t know how close I was to losing everything or dying. I spent $20,000 was loaded again in 30 days. I hit bottom and knew of Whiteside’s reputation. It’s not about the money there. The staff is incredible. My life is better than ever. I love the place and miss it!

I had the means to go anywhere, so a $50,000 rehab was not out of the question. Funny how a place that cost so little gave me so much. I can’t put a price tag on the quality, variety, warmth of the staff, and fellowship. I go back and visit because I miss Whiteside Manor and the fun.

– Kevin D. December 2009

Gloria at Family Program really impressed my parents. (and they don't charge for it!!!)

- Sandi

Joy taught me an entirely new way to deal with stress. I really owe her!

- Billy Jean

I have been in the optional circuit training class for one week and I already sleep better. I think I will stick with it after I graduate.

- Ron

The intake staff is great. Debbi talked to me forever on the phone. She actually gave me some hope I could do this program.

- Janet

Before entering Whiteside, I had been through four other programs, including the famous one in Palm Springs. Whiteside turned my thinking around.

- Randy

I arrived to Whiteside Manor a confused, angry Native American man. I was treated with respect and caring. My case manager recognized my need to reconnect with my traditional beliefs. I was encouraged to combine my traditional teachings with those of the twelve step program. the staff is very respectful of the unique needs of the native american clients and is willing to tailor a treatment plan to address those needs. while at Whiteside Manor an integral part of the program to assist Native American clients with culturally relevant groups was the late Charlie Narcomy. i am grateful to the staff of Whiteside Manor for the life changing opportunity that was given to me. Thank You Whiteside Manor.

- Ron P.

The best program I have ever monitored.

- Don Jones
State Peer Monitor

Compared to other programs, this place is like a country club. The food is great, we exercise and go to the gym. They really believe in dealing with issues in addition to recovery.

- Glenn

I have hooked back up with my family, who wouldn't even take my calls before I came in. This was my third program. I had burned every bridge and conned everyone I knew. They convinced my family to get involved my second week in treatment. Gloria is the best ever family counselor.

- Marci

Whiteside's State Monitor told us we were lucky to be in here. I now believe him.

- Rocky

I have seen Whiteside keep a client whose insurance had run out. He wasn't ready to leave. I guess that really shows they care more about the clients than the money.

- Greg

I was most grateful they have separate facilities for men and women. It's too hard to concentrate with women around, I keep falling in love too soon.

- Mike

The programs are in really nice mansion-like homes. I was in charge of the pets. That probably kept me there the first few weeks.

- Lucy

I tried and tried to get over on my counselor. Linzy is impossible to fool. He probably saved my life.

- Harold

I still can't believe they have an actual chef (Mike is great) and do a lot of fun stuff every Friday. I actually got into going to the gym.

- Matt

CARF Accredited   California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs


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