Our Family Program

Drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to help you and your family overcome the struggle with addiction. Our family substance abuse programs are designed to help families live without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that affect not only the addict or alcoholic but also the family as a whole. Whiteside Manor believes that family involvement in substance abuse treatment is crucial for recovery – therefore we have developed a family program to meet these needs. The goal of our Family Program is to introduce participants to the principles of recovery, along with providing necessary social and emotional support. Our Family Substance Abuse Program also assists the client and family members in understanding the complicated disease of addiction and its impacts on the family system.

Family Involvement & Treatment

Our family addiction treatment professional meets two Saturdays a month with families, concerned others and clients in a group setting. The treatment session includes an educational segment and a group process segment. Families are encouraged to participate in Al-Anon meetings in their local community. Special emphasis is directed toward learning how to rebuild the family system. Educational topics include chemical dependency, codependency, blended families, family release and dual diagnosis.