Our Family Program

Every day, we speak with families devastated by a loved one’s substance abuse. Our California family drug and alcohol program offers support and education to spouses, children, parents, siblings, and other relatives impacted by the disease of addiction.  

The Importance of Family Substance Abuse Help

Alcoholism and drug addiction don’t just affect the person diagnosed with them—they also create chaos in the family unit. Relationship rifts often develop due to ongoing deception, legal issues, or financial strife. At Whiteside Manor, we believe that for a person to achieve sustained recovery, these damages and unhealthy dynamics must be addressed. That’s why we developed a family drug and alcohol program.

Family substance abuse help gives the entire household a blueprint for inner peace, clear communication, and improved understanding. By including loved ones in the treatment process, we can teach them the principles of recovery. At the same time, we can provide them with much-needed social and emotional support. Our family program helps both the client and the people they love most.

Our family addiction treatment professional works with clients and their families two Saturdays each month. Meetings include two segments: an educational portion and a process group. Families are also encouraged to participate in Al-Anon meetings within their local communities. 

Features of our program include:

  • In-depth education about the disease of addiction
  • Group therapy and processing
  • Emphasis on how to rebuild the family system
  • Programming about codependency, blended families, family release, and dual diagnosis

Get Involved in Your Loved One’s Recovery

When a loved one goes to treatment, the family experiences conflicting emotions—relief, anxiety, fear, confusion, and hope. At Whiteside Manor, we aim to maximize family communication and involvement throughout the healing process. To learn more about our California family drug and alcohol program, contact our admissions office.