Men's Inpatient Treatment Program

Whiteside Manor offers several drug and alcohol treatment programs to help you or your loved ones in recovering from addiction. Our programs are designed to get our clients back into leading a healthy and natural lifestyle without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Comprehensive Addiction Services

Located primarily in beautiful Victorian houses in Riverside, California, Whiteside Manor’s rehab for men provides comprehensive addiction treatment services for all aspects of drug and alcohol recovery. The residential program offers thirty, sixty, and up to ninety days of primary treatment. In addition, partial intensive outpatient programs are offered.

Treatment modalities include group, individual therapy and educational groups on topics such as relapse prevention, parenting, communication, relationship issues, anger management and family dynamics.

Specialized treatment, specific to male issues, peer bonding and relapse prevention in a residential setting makes Whiteside Manor’s drug and alcohol programs effective. In addition, the agency has attracted a number of very experienced, skilled and credentialed staff, many of whom are well known in their specialty fields. Our clinical and support staff gives Whiteside Manor many unique capabilities to provide successful, valuable and interesting opportunities for growth and recreation.

Men's Group Schedule