Low-Cost California Drug Rehab
Fees for Substance Abuse Treatment

Whiteside Manor offers low cost, affordable drug and alcohol treatment programs in California to help you or your loved one. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to get you back into leading a way of life without drugs or alcohol.

Whiteside Manor Drug and Alcohol Rehab Fees

Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs
Whiteside Manor offers several affordable substance abuse programs to help you or your loved one in addiction recovery. Our programs are designed to get our clients back into leading a healthy and natural lifestyle, without the presence of drugs or alcohol. Refunds are subject to withholding, intake assessment fees and credit card processing fees.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Fees vary per month for our California residential addiction treatment, depending on the individual client’s needs. Clients may need detoxification, additional psychiatric care, medication monitoring, medical care, etc. Please call our intake staff at 1-800-300-7326 for further information and assistance.

We accept reimbursement from most insurance companies, including some HMO’s.

Please feel free to contact our Intake Department for more information.

Traveling to Whiteside Manor

Air Travel:
Travel arrangements should be made into Ontario, California (ONT) and Whiteside Manor will provide transportation to and from our sites.

Travel Arrangements – What to Bring for Your Stayat Our California Addiction
Treatment Center

  • Pack like you are going on a trip for a week. (We have free laundry facilities/detergent provided).
  • Bring appropriate clothing, men can bring collared shirts for outside meetings.
  • Bring clothing for workouts, if you choose to go to the gym.
  • Bring toiletries (soap, shampoo, grooming items).
  • Bring all medications (30 days worth). Meds must be in current medication bottles with correct labels.  (NO LOOSE MEDS).
  • Cell phones and lap top computers are allowed (at structured times).
  • Cigarettes are allowed.
  • If you bring more than $20.00, the remainder will be put in the safe.