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California Drug Rehab Programs

In separate residential treatment facilities for men and women, Whiteside Manor offers support and structure for those seeking addiction treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program is up to 90 days and based on based on medical necessity and individual needs, however, lengths of stay are flexible and individualized. Our expert clinical and counseling staff is dedicated to providing services that consistently demonstrate long term, tangible results.


Drug Rehab Programs California


Low Cost - Affordable Drug Treatment in California

Group Room, Drug Rehab Programs in CaliforniaClients receive intensive treatment for addiction and alcoholism, including goal-oriented treatment planning, one-to-one counseling, group therapy, educational lectures, relapse prevention groups and specific service components designed for individual clients on a case-by-case basis, all at an extraordinary value. Clients also attend 12-Step meetings in the community. Our clinical staff consists of professional, certified counselors who are dedicated to helping clients start a solid foundation and develop a recovery plan based on the life skills needed to achieve and sustain long-term sobriety. Staff work with clients as a team, teaching them the tools integral to becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of society.



Residential Addiction Treatment & Dual Diagnosis Programs

Firmly based on the 12-Steps of Recovery, our California addiction treatment is provided through a therapeutic community and includes:


At Whiteside Manor our affordable drug and alcohol treatment programs include:


To find out more about our affordable drug rehab programs in California click on the links above, or call us at 1-800-300-RECOVER.

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