Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) in LA & Southern California

Detoxification from alcohol or addictive substances may cause chemical imbalances that result in physical withdrawal and psychological cravings. Whiteside Manor Center takes a whole-person approach to recovery, using counseling, behavioral therapies and FDA-approved medication-assisted treatment to achieve lasting abstinence.

Begin Your Recovery With Safe, Controlled MAT Therapy

Whiteside Manor Center recognizes the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways addiction entices your body and entangles your mind. Our comprehensive approach to detoxification and recovery addresses physical withdrawal symptoms as well as the yearnings in your mind and spirit. For many Day One residents, this means the use of FDA-approved medications to alleviate these symptoms while you overcome your chemical dependency, learn life skills, participate in behavioral therapies and lay the groundwork for a meaningful, productive and sober life.

Think of addiction as a chronic condition requiring lifelong management. When you become dependent on alcohol or drugs, changes occur in your body. Stopping the supply of an addictive substance does not halt the effects of these changes. You may continue to feel physical and psychological cravings for alcohol, opiates and other drugs long after you enter detox and begin your journey to sobriety.

Southern California Detox & Treatment Specialties

As with other chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes, management of chemical dependency is often best achieved with supervised medication therapy. Where appropriate, the licensed and specially trained clinicians at Day One use comfort medications and FDA-approved MAT medicines like Subutex and Suboxone to ease detox symptoms. A proven, evidence-based treatment, MAT therapy keeps you comfortable so you can focus on counseling and take part in behavioral therapy and holistic activities like these:
Day One’s medically supervised detox and rehab program is tailored to you, your health history and the requirements of referring intensive outpatient programs (IOP)or partial hospitalization programs (PHP). Our team of industry-leading doctors, nurses and therapists oversees your comfort and progress, following established protocols for a safe and effective transition from active dependency to early recovery.

Welcome to Day One of Your New Life

If you are struggling to break the strongholds of alcohol or drug misuse, turn to the team at Whiteside Manor Center. Admitting chemical dependency and seeking help takes courage, and we’ll accompany you along the journey to restoration. Begin your new life with a phone call, 24 hours a day: (800) 300-7326. Our experienced Los Angeles rehab staff is honored to help with the admissions and insurance verification processes.

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