Drug & Alcohol Treatment Tailored to You

You are unique—and so is your recovery journey. At Whiteside Manor Center, we develop individualized rehab programs tailor-made to your addiction history, lifestyle and treatment experience.

We Start Where You Are

Making a decision for recovery takes courage, resolve and willingness to surrender. At Whiteside Manor Center, our seasoned clinicians and addiction professionals help you detox and recover with dignity and purpose. Many Day One team members are living in recovery, themselves—so they are uniquely equipped to educate and support you throughout every treatment phase. Residential programs last between 14 and 30 days (including detox) and are tailored to your health history, addiction history and previous treatment experience. We also provide family counseling and support services on an as-needed basis.

Evidence-Based Treatment & 12-Step Program

Following a time-tested 12-Step model for recovery, Whiteside Manor Center emphasizes the importance of community and accountability in recovery. We also provide evidence-based treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. Substance misuse is a whole-person disease, so Day One recommends holistic therapies that emphasize mind, body and spirit wellness. These include fitness and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (coming soon), massage, acupuncture, recreational opportunities and mindfulness training.
  • Evaluation of co-occurring disorders. Certain mood disorders and psychological conditions complicate addiction treatment. Individual treatment allows for identification and treatment of these co-occurring issues alongside treatment for substance misuse.
  • Whole-person treatment. Individualized addiction treatment allows Whiteside Manor Center to personalize detox and residential programs to mind, body and spirit healing.
  • Customized aftercare program. Relapse is a daily risk for those in recovery, but men and women who have completed individualized treatment programs are more likely to be equipped with the tools for long-term sobriety.
  • Individual therapy sessions. Residents spend time twice a week with their therapist, and sessions are customized to client-specific concerns as well as relational issues. For the benefit of our residents, a case manager and counselor are also available most days.  

Begin Your Healing Journey

Drug or alcohol recovery is about more than abstinence. It’s a process of personal growth and community building—and it’s about yielding to something greater than yourself. At our Southern California treatment center, men and women wrestling with substance abuse disorders can surrender to healing in a safe, comfortable environment. Your new story begins today. Call (800) 300-7326 to speak with an admissions counselor or connect confidentially using our simple online form.

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