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About Whiteside Manor:
Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Our Mission

Whiteside Manor's mission is to rebuild lives, restore families and improve communities. This is accomplished by providing quality, individualized, comprehensive and affordable treatment for those experiencing problems with alcohol, drugs and associated mental illnesses. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of care and addiction services and programs to our clients and their families.


Whiteside Manor is a not-for-profit organization providing a wide array of drug and alcohol abuse and related services. Our values include.


We apply our core values in all areas of our organization. This includes our business practices as well as our clinical drug and alcohol treatment programs. Our counselors receive ongoing training from The Meadows, a premier treatment center in the United States.


Our Staff

We are CARF accredited, so our staff are held to a much higher standard in education and licensure than most programs.   To protect our staff from the unscrupulous, we have chosen not to put pictures, names or bios on our website.  All pertinent staff information is available at our respective facilities and may be viewed by clients upon request.  Be assured you will be receiving high  quality care.  We contract with many insurance programs and are the preferred residential treatment option for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California.


Our Treatment Philosophy

Bedroom, 12 Step RehabAs a way of providing our clients with the optimum opportunity to remain clean and sober, Whiteside Manor takes several approaches in dealing with addictions, alcoholism and associated mental illnesses.


The first is to provide a safe, comfortable, family-style living environment where our clients can be surrounded with supportive friends, exemplary role models and well-trained leadership. This allows each client to experience a different way of life for themselves, in a positive family atmosphere, to develop new habits and begin to feel comfortable and confident with a clean and sober lifestyle.


In addition, our rehab is a 12-Step based and highly structured program that stresses the importance of long term exposure to recovery oriented activities such as 12-Step recovery program involvement, sponsorship and fellowship. We expect and encourage all our clients to continue a strong commitment to the 12-Step philosophies and traditions for the rest of their lives.


We also believe that there are other modalities and tools that can support and enhance recovery. We believe that the disease of addiction affects the entire person; encompassing the body, mind and spirit and we want to address each of these areas while helping with discipline and structure.


And finally, the family can play a positive and powerful role in the recovery process. We invite and encourage family members and / or significant others to come to our Family Program to address issues that center around these relationships. To learn more about our affordable drug and alcohol treatment program, please visit our rehab programs page or call us at 1-800-300-RECOVER.

CARF Accredited   California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs


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